Friday, February 4, 2011

Beautiful Song by MaherZain-For The Rest Of My Lfe :)

MaherZain is a R&B singer from Sweden. He has beautiful voice with beautiful songs he created himself. MaherZain memperjuangkan lagu2 ketuhanan (Muslim) .He's so creative after all..I love his musics!!! So,go and get his Album,it worth !, insHaAllah ..:)

Anyway, MaherZain dah dtg Malaysia last year and will come back this Year!!! Concert!!! ..details:

Its 2011 babe! :)

Salam and Hi :)

Ya Allah,its 2011 now! ..and now is February 2011..Yeah, my birthday s coming, around da corner, 8th Feb..,hehe..wait, i'm 22??? oh GOD..kenape tak pecaye?? huhuhu..nothing much i did till now. Okay, i have to study even more struggle and more this year..suffer..:(.. I'm in 3rd year undergraduate student now, kinda busy..(still have time to write this,,hehe) So, what your wish for this 2011? Me, be more hardworking..hehe..have to achieve something this year,probably. NeverSayNever, InsyaAllah..Allah always be with us..
Pray for better day..:)