Saturday, July 20, 2013

invisible viewers thank you :)

This is my blog my writing my diary my secret my life my merapu meraban my notepad my cyber my friend. This actually supposed to be private but who caressss? hahaha Merapumeraban in progress. #error error..bip bip bip..tet.... Well what I'm trying to say is i'm not gonna show everyone what is in here the junks in here is for me myself. Not intended to gain followers or viewers but if it is so yeah this is my blog everybody rock n roll *clapping hand like a boss* What?? hahaha. 15 followers so far is more than enough even then if you all really care to scroll down my blog isnt it? Well at least I got something to show to my great great great great grandchildren (like my wasiat to them la eh really?).So i dont really care about what I write in here as long as i'm in my positive path and nobody's got disappointed by  my words, yet. Okay that is it. Got my point? So don't be bothered to share or follow me unless you are viewers from the search engine like unintended to search mine but by accidentally opened my blog ha ha so dramatic and tragic (actually i had several times detected by viewers tracking statistic..unbelievable haha ). Borderless limitless world we got all you can do is be friend with MR GOOGLE. Okay bye for now teehee~!!!

p/s: thumb up to my *existing* followers and viewers SHOUT OUT dear *invisible* viewers LMAO 

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